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So You'Re Looking At WORKING OverSeas?!

Welcome to The Global Work & Travel Co., the work & travel experts! Whether you're looking to shred the ski resorts of Canada, pour pints in century-old pubs in London, live in the fast lane as an intern in New York or travel the world as a nanny to a high-class family, we've got you covered! If you're looking for an experience to never forget, how about volunteering on a turtle conservation project in Costa Rica, or getting paid to teach English to kids in Thailand? We've got over 400 world-leading programs designed to give you that travel experience to rave about!

As the only Australian work & travel company that rolls up all your travel needs into one easy solution, we'll get you placed into an international position, organise airfares to match, and cover your back with the perfect travel insurance. With offices located in Canada, the UK, and of course, Australia, why not submit your details for some free comprehensive info about how we can turn your dream into reality? - After all, we do that for 1000's of Aussies each year!

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So What Do You Want to Do?

Working Holiday

 Working Holiday and Go Overseas


Volunteer and Go Overseas

Aupair & Nanny

Nanny and Go Overseas


Teaching and Go Overseas
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"But Why Should I Choose
the Global Work & Travel Co.?"


Last year, we had more Aussies join our programs than any other company. Thousands of young people work and travel with us, and when they come home, not only have they had the time of their lives - they've gained work experience that shows maturity and adaptability too!


We're Queensland born-and-bred, so we can answer your questions from an Australian perspective.


We've got our own offices overseas, so unlike our competitors, we've got staff who can give you face-to-face support even when you're on the other side of the world.


We've personally hand-picked & screened all of our programs to offer some of the best, exclusive opportunities in the world!


We have access to job opportunities that other work & travel companies don't. We even organised people for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics & 2012 London Olympics!

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