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Work Abroad Canada

Welcome to The Global Work & Travel Co., the work & travel experts! Whether you're looking to shred the ski resorts of Canada, pour pints in century-old pubs in London, live in the fast lane as an intern in New York or travel the World as a nanny, we've got you covered! More Aussies choose our Canadian working holiday program than any other, and in return we help them land sweet jobs with some awesome employers such as ski resorts, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, trades, day spas, tourism & more!! - and the best bit? We can do this all year round!

As the only Australian working holiday company with its own licensed recruitment agency in Canada, we roll up all your working holiday needs into one easy solution! We can place you into numerous jobs, organise airfares to match, cover your back with the perfect travel insurance & organise all arrival details. With offices located in Canada, the UK, and of course, Australia, why not submit your details for some free comprehensive info about how we can turn your dream into reality? - After all, we do that for 1000's of Aussies each year!

  • Job opportunity with Canadian employer before arrival
  • Additional job placements
  • Flexible airfares
  • Comprehensive travel insurance
  • Limousine airport pick up
  • 5 nights initial accommodation
  • Sightseeing day tour of Vancouver
  • Prepaid mobile phone with credit
  • Global orientation session, Entry to Global events & parties
  • Banking, tax & visa set up and assistance
  • Help setting up a bank account, filing taxes, etc.
  • Ongoing local office support & Access to the Global resource centre
  • Assistance in finding permanent accom.
  • Mail & luggage holding, Tax return assistance
  • + Heaps & Heaps More!
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Admin
  • Bartending
  • Nannies
  • Lift Operators
  • Ticket Sales
  • Ski Rental Technicians
  • Ski Instructors
  • Resort Maintenance
  • Front Desk Agents
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Hotel Jobs
  • + Heaps More!
Last year, we had more Aussies join our programs than any other company. Thousands of young people work and travel with us, and when they come home, not only have they had the time of their lives - they've gained work experience that shows maturity and adaptability too!
We're Queensland born-and-bred, so we can answer your questions from an Australian perspective.

We've got our own offices overseas, so unlike some of our competitors, we've got staff who can give you face-to-face support even if you're half way across the world.
In some of the places we work in, like Canada, we're the only licensed recruitment agency for working holiday makers, so we've always got more jobs than we can fill.

We can get you jobs other recruitment companies can't. In 2010, we even placed people at the Vancouver Winter Olympics!

"To everyone at Global who guided me through all the mayhem, THANKYOU!! I am very happy with my position here and am on my feet and surviving! The staff are great, the accommodation is great and the location is amazing! I owe you all a bottle of wine. Thanks again and I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sincerely." Alick K.

"Hi Deanna, I am really enjoying the city, I feel like I could live here forever! My job is going really well also, it's funny how the brain remembers everything even if it's a year later. They use all the same processes and computer systems that I'm used to. I started last week, so was basically in training the whole week, and this week I'm on my own doing it all but its good; much better than I remembered it in Adelaide. I'm very lucky! I've been doing a bit of travelling; I went to Victoria the other weekend which was absolutely beautiful, felt like I was in London!! :) and I'm hoping to make it to Seattle sometime soon also. I moved in today and I was so excited to finally unpack and be done with living out of a suitcase. I met lots of people these last 3 weeks so I hope to keep in touch with them all. Everyone here has been so friendly and welcoming – it's so nice to see. Say hi to the rest of the girls in the office- I'll keep in touch. Thanks again! All the best," Marina B.